Mortar Ready to use

It is a ready mixed mortar. Used for all Plastering and Masonry works. Can be supplied in different colours. Lasts for 72 hours.


Self-Compacting Concrete

Concrete technology with all main advantages of SCC High fluidity & consistency Self Leveling Maintains rheology properties Pumpable High viscosity Low tendency to segregation.


Early Strength Concrete

Guaranteed Strength at 24, 48, and 72 hours.Low Water: Cement Ratio.


Light Weight Concrete

Lightweight Concrete that improves construction systems with its advanced thermal insulation and lightweight. 


Steel Fibers Concrete

Steel fibers reinforced concrete is concrete contenting steel fibers material which increase its structural integrity, Fibers are uniformly distributed and randomly oriented.

  • Increase impact resistance & fatigue strength.

  • Increase the flexural strength.

  • Prevent a crack from growing.

High Strength Concrete

High range of concrete strength, by achieving strength up to 800 kg/cm