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  • FilozaynAt FILOMIX, we only believe in providing you with the highest quality concrete with an exceptional level of service and performance. As a result, we are proud to introduce you to FiloZaynTM, the Ready Mix decorative concrete with the latest technology. Our engineers constructed this product line to be sustainable and environmentally friendly to impact Climate positively.


  • FiloZayn sustains your projects with economically efficient materials that allow you to maximize the usage of the product for higher-quality construction. The product line is developed with extremely durable materials for an increased level of safety and compressive strength. FiloZaynTM is available in more than 5 products, including Stone, Exposed, Printed, Colored, and Polished. A wide range of products catered for every detailed project.

Environment Friendly or safe for the environment


All FiloZaynTM products reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions to limit global warming The products are developed with advanced technology and sustainable materials Our decorative concrete reduces resources and energy use during consumption

Economic Advantages

  • Build with maximum efficiency through reduction in labor
  • Deliver more projects through reduction of construction time
  • Minimize your expenses with low maintenance cost
  • Enjoy high service life with minimal depreciation

Aesthetic Decorative Beauty

  • Provides aesthetic beauty to concrete without sacrificing compressive strength.
  • Available in a wide range of colors and patterns for unlimited innovation and creativity
  • Designed to add your unique artistic and decorative architectural touches

FiloZaynTM Stone


  • The Decorative Concrete is a cost-efficient and environment-friendly solution that provides a natural look to Stone
  • The product is extremely durable, with hard-wearing materials
  • It is developed with slip resistant technologies


  • All Concrete Pavements and Flatwork
  • Driveways and Pathway
  • Patios
  • Pool Decks

FiloZaynTM Exposed


  • The Decorative Concrete presents a rigid and reliable exterior finish that is aesthetically appealing
  • Available in different Aggregate sizes through colored edges for increased freedom in construction
  • High range of mixes available for printing
  • Minimal porosity for maximized compressive strength


  • The ideal solution for building Façades with a natural gravel look

FiloZaynTM Printed


  • The Decorative Concrete provides a wide range of pattern and colors replicating stone
  • Long-lasting with no risk of delamination of color layer
  • Extremely durable with hard-wearing materials


  • All Concrete Pavements and Flatwork
  • Driveway and pathway
  • Patios
  • Internal Finishes

FiloZaynTM Colored


  • The Decorative Concrete offers a wide range of pigmentation and colored tones
  • Extreme durability for long-lasting and fade-resistant usage
  • The product is UV-resistant making it extremely difficult to wear off


  • The ideal solution for building Façades with textured concrete

FiloZaynTM Polished Benefits

  • The Decorative Concrete is a green flooring system LEED approved
  • Extreme durability for long-lasting and fade-resistant usage
  • Hard wearing materials to sustain you with a clean and smooth finish


  • Commercial Areas
  • Showrooms
  • All internal concrete floors