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Gaia: Green Concrete


PropertiesPicture3 | Gaia: Green Concrete

1-Uses waste material as at least one of its components

2-Is produced through a process that reduces environmental destruction

3- Has high performance and life cycle sustainability

4- Is energy-saving and requires low maintenance.


1- Reduces energy consumption.

2- Reduces CO2 emissions

3-It achieves the builder points toward a LEED certification on their project, making it highly differentiated within the market.

4- Reduced Heat of Hydration- suitable for Mass Concrete

5- Reduced environmental impact while maintaining quality and durability.

Environmental Advantages for Gaia™

  1. Reduction in Resources and Energy used
  2. Reduction in CO2 Emissions
  3. Sustainable Concrete Solution
  4. Reduction in Landfill
  5. Reduction in Water Consumption