The emergence of concrete is generally linked globally to the date of the discovery of Portland cement in 1845, which helped develop construction and infrastructure works. As for ready-made concrete, its first use was in Britain and the United States in the early 1930s, after the success of providing transport vehicles with the mixer for the concrete mixing process. The reconstruction work of countries devastated by World War II helped in expanding and spreading the use of ready-mixed concrete. The use of ready-mixed concrete was accompanied by a process of development and modernization in several aspects, namely:

♦ The possibility of managing the mixing stations through automatic control instead of manual control in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

♦ The significant expansion of the capacity of concrete mixing and transport vehicles, which contributed to increasing its payload.

♦ The expansion of concrete additives works to give more auxiliary properties to improve the quality of concrete.

♦ The tremendous development in the logistics of managing the mixing plant.

♦ The use of pumps, which represented a civilized move in buildings of high heights and large dimensions.

The ready-mixed concrete market is considered one of the recent markets in the Egyptian market, as it began to exist since the beginning of the seventies when some major contracting companies established ready-mixed concrete mixing stations through which they would mainly service their projects and exploit the surplus production for sale to others.

The eighties witnessed the beginning of the emergence of companies specializing in the field of ready-mixed concrete, which indicates that ready-mixed concrete companies represent the natural development of the growth of contracting companies, whether public or private sectors, as these companies tend, with the growth of their business volume, to establish mixing stations to serve their projects and control the factor of time, supply and special quality. In concrete to serve its projects and exploit the surplus to achieve an economic return.

The ready-mixed concrete market also witnessed a remarkable growth in demand for it, especially in real estate projects and major national projects that the state is establishing, which created a new field for investment and an increase in the number of competitive companies in this field, in addition to what it provides in terms of time, quality and access to difficult places.