Quality Policy

To ensure a superior level of quality, the Quality Control Department provided us with the latest equipment and devices needed, making Filomix a reliable place for them. We dedicate our efforts and resources to achieve unparalleled quality, and we work hard day and night to excel at the highest international standards, so we always strive to provide distinguished services whose main goal is to achieve the highest quality at competitive prices, the most important of which is the follow-up service that confirms our confidence in our products and our pride in the confidence of our customers in us until it is done Delivery of projects in their final form to be a new pride banner carried by Filomix.

♦ Quality control internally

Quality control is carried out internally - on an ongoing basis - to ensure that the required requirements of concrete and its components are met, and it must be implemented by specialists with sufficient knowledge, and usually the one responsible for implementing the quality control items is by the implementing agency. In the absence of sufficient experience, external specialists are used to conduct internal quality control work.

♦ Externally quality control

Quality control is performed externally by means of equipment by the owner, and no contractual form is linked to the implementing agency. This part of external quality control includes reviewing the structural design, periodic checks and special tests (when necessary) on materials, and periodic and sudden inspection of the implementation of the project in all its stages. Quality assurance and control is an integrated process that starts from considering the feasibility of the project and continues with the initial project and the design, implementation and delivery stages, as well as continuing during the use period of the facility. The following table provides a summary of the requirements for quality assurance and control for the life stages of the project.

Qualtiy Analyst

The quality control process for reinforced concrete or prestressed concrete works is achieved through the availability of sufficient measures to ensure the quality of materials and their proper use during the concrete industry stages in order to reach the design requirements, implementation requirements and industry assets through:

Target Quality

It is the quality that achieves the function for which the facility will be designed and implemented.

Quality Assurance

It is a management tool for a set of regulations, plans and programs to ensure that the final establishment matches the target job.

Quality Control

It is a production machine in a set of procedures and tests that are taken to ensure that the materials forming the concrete and their manufacturing methods.

Quality Manual

It is the document that describes the policy of the entities participating in the work and explains the quality system therein.

Quality Plan

It is a special plan for a specific project and defined by the owner or the consultant engineer, and it contains the objectives and requirements of quality with a detailed description.

Quality System

It is the organizational structure of the entities participating in the project and includes the responsibilities, procedures, processes and resources.

Quality Assurance System

It is a management control system that organizes the undertakings, policies, responsibilities and owner's requirements that are recorded by the quality assurance plan.

Quality Assurance Plan

It is a project plan prepared and specified by the owner with the assistance of a consultant or quality control engineer, and this plan contains the owner's policies and the quality objectives of the project.